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5 Reasons why your brand should have a logo

5 Reasons why your brand should have a logo

5 Reasons why your brand should have a logo

Identity is the cause, brand is an effect, and the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter.

Logo [noun]: a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. (as defined by Google/Oxford)!

So, a logo is the cornerstone of your Brand’s Identity, whether you are an established business or you are new to it! You probably know this but we would like to reiterate here that To grow you need to stand out and that starts with the Identity of your business.

In this article let us understand 5 reasons why your brand should have a logo. So, let’s get started

1. First Impression (May be the Last!)

Yes, this is one of your first tickets to set a positive tone for your potential customers for the rest of the relationship. You know that it’s too hard to reverse the damage if you set a negative impression.

You know that your potential customer might have gone through many businesses like your prior to you, so how do you set the tone right on the first impression? it’s your LOGO!

2. It’s Crucial?

A logo is a graphic that represents your business and your brand. It’s a visual identity and an important part of your brand. The logo can also be seen as the face of your business. The logo is the first thing, people see and remember. It is important that your logo stays original and unique to you. It should be memorable and easy to recognize.

It should tell everything about your business. It should have the perfect meaning behind it.

3. Makes you Memorable!

When you start using the logo in your collaterals like business card, letterheads, website, social media it creates a synergy and gives your prospects a good recall value of your brand and if the logo stands out and communicate your vision it gets stuck in their head and chances are that they might be able to recall your business just by seeing the logo & not remembering the name.

That said, an efficient logo will not only help people remember you but help you grow!

4. Build Trust

Logos are the visual representation of your company. Once the logo is designed, it is used for all kinds of purposes including marketing campaigns, product packaging, letterheads and more. It is important to design a logo that will not only look good but also build trust.

5. Consistency is the Key

It keeps your marketing consistent to ensure it always hits the target. It is a must for businesses to be consistent in their communication, especially when it comes to branding. Brand consistency is a practice that has been proven to deliver positive results.

Last but not least: If you think a good logo is expensive, try us! 🙂

So as you can understand now, having a logo is important because it can communicate what your brand stands for. The right logo can help you attract the right customers, which means more revenue for your business. To learn more about how we can build a custom logo for you, check out our portfolio today!

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